Zenzele Group

The Zenzele Group vision is to offer an integrated value proposition to its customers and investors, by investing in a variety of industries that prove to have high growth potential and sustainability. To become a globally recognized African company infused with our heritage which will bring about change and impact for the African continent.

Our mission is to create innovative and disruptive opportunities that will unlock Africa’s potential by offering superior brands and services that can compete with the best of the world.

Fitness & Lifestyle

1. Zenzele Fitness

Zenzele Fitness is a South African gym operator and wellness solution company. We provide full turnkey wellness solutions, which includes designing, fitout and operations of fitness facilities for corporates, educational institutions, government establishments, residential estates and to our very own commercial facilities.


2. APARA Clothing

Apara premium sports brand for men and women’s which personifies our deep African roots is focused on the wellbeing and strength of the people and our earth.

Apara sets the tone to instill African pride – we bring you a contemporary twist on the luxury sportswear enthused by our allegiance to the African’s traditions, ancestral lands, and the ideals of our colourful continent by representing a heritage of unique cultures.

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Nutrition & Supplements

3. Zen Nutrition

A health and wellness supplement company that understands the challenges for people on the go. A healthy intake of food and nutrition are key components to a healthy lifestyle, Zen Nutrition offers a range of quality supplements from multivitamins to meal replacements and more.

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4. Zenzele Tech

Bring technology products and services to untapped markets with a focus on innovative and disruptive business models that can dramatically reshape how people communicate, consume information, shop, socialize and work.

Zenzele Tech aims to engage products in software, design, mobile devices as well information technology services.

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5. Zenzele Hydrate

A bottle water company that focuses on servicing large corporates, gyms, schools, hotels and residential estate. We have a range of premium water ranging from still, sparling and a variety of flavoured waters.

Our aim is to create convenience in order to services people on the go and to always remain hydrate.

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General Info

1 Discovery Place, Sandhurst, Sandton, 2196
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1 Discovery Place, Sandhurst, Sandton, 2196
+27(0)11 796 0705